Giuliana Premium Olive Oil

Giuliana Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Bottle

Giuliana extra virgin olive oil is a Medium blend of mainly three olive varieties: Bianchera Istriana, Leccino and Frantoio. Olives are harvested by hand early in the season from mid-October to the end of November and are taken to the mill within few hours. This gives the olive oil that special freshness.


Giuliana Olive oil is exceptionally harmonic and very fruity olive oil with aromas of exotic fruits, apple, green almond, grass and artichoke. Pungency and bitterness are very well balanced.


Because of its non-robust and very harmonic characteristics our Premium extra virgin olive oil is perfect match for a variety of different dishes. It goes very well with salads, bread dipping with cheese, carpaccio and grilled fish. Giuliana olive oil is best finishing oil for risotto, pasta and especially for dry-aged beef Ribeye and Florentine steak...


... simply delightful!