About us

Our family's wonderful story of cultivation of olive trees and producing Premium extra virgin olive oil began in 1976, when first olive trees were planted by 'Nonno' Giovanni. Over the years the love for olive trees grew stronger and stronger and today our family lives and breathes together with our olive trees.

Olive groves are located on four different locations in Slovenian Istria, from the hinterland slopes of Koper all the way to Portorose and with that diversification of locations the damage in case of natural disasters and bigger pest attack is consequently lower. The majority of olive trees grow on sunny terraces on the altitude from 50mt to 300mt.

The mixture of our perfect climate, excellent soil and latitude offers us unique conditions for cultivating olive trees and producing best extra virgin olive oil. It’s because of relief of our groves locations that we use very small amount of agricultural machinery so almost everything is done by hand or smaller agricultural machines, thus we process each our olive tree individually.

Our mission is constant learning about all the aspects of olive oil, but mainly to educate our customers about the importance of extra virgin olive oil for our health and the use of it for culinary delights.

The goal of our family business is to constantly strive towards production of perfect extra virgin olive oil. Only great love and incredible passion for our olive trees allow us to overcome the obstacles on our path and constantly improve full production process of best extra virgin olive oil.

We are happy that we have the chance of producing ‘liquid gold’, because extra virgin olive oil is indeed a natural treasure which offers us great health benefits and many culinary delights.

Our family is also very pleased that our Premium extra virgin olive oil GIULIANA won many Prestige Awards on biggest Olive Oil Competitions around the world, from New York to Tokyo.
This is a great recognition of our love, passion and devotion for cultivating olive trees and producing best olive oil in the world.